2 thoughts on “@CawLocal973 workers and @BarrieNDP Exec members at the Barrie plant standing strong! #cokestrike

  1. Nancy Rodger

    I will certainly not be purchasing coke products & will tell family , friends, anyone who will listen to do likewise. As a fellow CAW 35 year worker I see how our new workers are treated like temps. Less pay & inexplicably layed off when we are so shorthanded, due to “business needs”. They loose health benefits,if they managed to get any. Have to restart their “time”. Many loose EI benefits too. Usually at Xmas. What happens in your battle with giant greed coke affects us all. In solidarity, Nancy.

    1. Jenn B Post author

      Thanks Nancy. I agree with you. In fact, I believe so strongly that the battle being waged right now is a battle that affects EVERY SINGLE WORKER IN CANADA, because of the precedent it will set, that I started this website.


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