Coke Doesn’t Care | Canadian Auto Workers | CAW

Coke Doesn’t Care | Canadian Auto Workers | CAW.

Over 700 CAW Local 973 members work at the Coke bottling facility in Brampton, Ontario. On June 27 they were forced into a labour dispute by Coca-Cola, who is pushing the union to accept a series of contract concessions that would make good jobs at the facility more precarious.

Coke wants to:

– Eliminate pensions for new hires
– Outsource good skilled trades jobs
– Make it impossible for temporary workers to transfer into full-time
– Deny transfer rights to workers faced wth lay-off
– Make significant cuts to short and long-term disability payments
And the list goes on…

Why the Cuts? Is Coke Going Broke?

Hardly! Coke is one of the richest companies in the world. In 2012, they reported $9 billion in profits. That’s higher than the annual GDP of most nations. Their CEO Muhtar Kent earned a total pay packet of $30.5 million last year. Surely, the company can afford to give “temps” a chance at full-time work, and retain decent pensions for new hires.

Our Demand: Let’s Get Back to Bargaining!

We’ve notified Coke that we’re ready to get back to the table. We’re ready to bargain a fair deal that benefits both the company and our members.

But what Coke is demanding is totally one-sided. And they’ve forced us into a labour dispute to try and get what they want. Hours before the bargaining deadline, the company kicked workers out of the Brampton warehouse. They withheld paycheques from contract workers. They had replacement workers lined up to do our work. They erected a fence around the property to keep us out. Now they’re blaming the union for this mess!

Work standards negotiated at Brampton set the bar for Coke workers in facilities across Canada, which means thousands of workers will be impacted by this agreement. We’re not going to let Coke drag down work standards for thousands of Canadians and their families.

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