Coke posts its wish list for locked out worker’s behaviour #cokestrike

Thing is, our guys are pretty classy.  Nice try, Coke.  They’re not a mob.  They’re decent, hard-working folks who would like to go back to work with a fair deal.  That’s all.

Photo credit: Mark Cameron

Wish list


Let’s talk ‘Typical Behaviour’ for a giant mega-corporation putting profits before people, shall we?

  • Manipulate the message, use your giant budget to lie to the public rather than deal fairly with your workforce
  • Demand concessions from workers despite billions in profits
  • What you can’t lie about, ignore
  • Hire undertrained ‘scabs’ and throw them to the wolves – now you’ve victimized TWO groups of workers
  • Lock out workforce rather than negotiate a fair deal – then tell everyone THEY are the bad guys

Don’t bother, Coke.  Until there’s a fair deal, WE’RE NOT BUYIN’ IT!

Got it?




2 thoughts on “Coke posts its wish list for locked out worker’s behaviour #cokestrike

  1. Lisa Mastrobuono

    Hi Folks, You’re doing an amazing job presenting the front line workers’ point of view during this lock-out. The Soda Jerks website/blog is brilliant – well done! Great use of social media, too. Keep it up!!

    1. Nancy Rodger

      I to am enjoying Soda Jerks website. Trying to figure out how to share with my other CAW workers. Pepsi.


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