What we’re up against. #cokestrike

The Coca-Cola Case Trailer – YouTube.

Don’t let that shiny red veneer fool you.  Coke, as one of the infamous  6 Companies That Own Everything, is enormously profitable.  They don’t need to squeeze a few more pennies in profits off the backs of hard working employees.  They are choosing to.  Coke is also enormously powerful.  With a brutal history in dealing with its labour relations worldwide.

All the feel-good media in the world can’t change the fact that this corporate monster is profiting off the backs of its workers.  Needlessly. Coke is a popular product.  Coke can afford to give workers a fair deal and still be enormously profitable.  In their position they could be RAISING the bar for employers everywhere, reaping huge profits AND still being socially responsible.  So why don’t they?

Because they don’t WANT to.

Instead, they are using their position of power to help eliminate the middle class.  Eroding pensions and benefits in a series of deals that become progressively worse for each generation of new employees.  Help stop the race to the bottom, and reverse the corporate mindset that puts profits before people.  Demand a fair deal for coke workers.

For ALL workers.

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