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CUPE/CAW Solidarity Rally through the eyes of a young worker | CUPE 2544 #cokestrike

Thanks for sharing, Victoria!  Your support, and the support of the next generation of Canadian workers, means a lot.  This is all of our fight!  #solidarity

CUPE/CAW Solidarity Rally through the eyes of a young worker | CUPE 2544.

By Victoria Bouchard

Where do I begin? Today was my first time attending a rally with my father Dan Bouchard, and his union CUPE Local 2544. What an inspirational and moving experience! I must admit, I didn’t know much about what CUPE does or the issue that we were fighting for on this date, but everyone was so welcoming to me!

Throughout the day, learning bits and pieces here and there about what was happening and the struggles that face Coca Cola workers, I felt like we were doing a good thing for our fellow community members.

Although I hadn’t actually met any of these lovely workers before attending the rally, I’m very glad I went. It was a hot and muggy day, but everyone still came out to show their support. WOW. Truly empowering!

We started the day out with some introductions with the first group, and later gravitated toward where the Coca Cola trucks themselves go in and out of the plant. That area was by far my favourite. It felt like I had known these people for years and years, and we came together to fight something going on around us. Having been shown that kind of support, for people we don’t even know was honestly so inspiring. There’s no better way to say it. Between chanting, dancing to ‘Lean on Me’ and trying to cool off, I met so many admirable people.

As a 17-year-old girl, I’ll admit that taking part in these activities isn’t something that really ever entered my mind. That has definitely changed!  I can’t wait to join in on another one! Last but not least, I’d like to thank everyone who let me tag alone and show my support! Hope to see all of your friendly faces sometime again soon. Keep up the amazing work you all are doing within our community.

In support,

Victoria Bouchard

MEDIA ADVISORY: CUPE Members walk the line in solidarity with Coca-Cola workers – Press Release – Digital Journal #cokestrike #solidarity

HUGE Shout out to CUPE!  Thank you!  #solidarity

MEDIA ADVISORY: CUPE Members walk the line in solidarity with Coca-Cola workers – Press Release – Digital Journal.

BRAMPTON, ONTARIO–(Marketwired – July 15, 2013) – Members of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Ontario will hold a solidarity picket and barbeque to support striking Coca-Cola workers in Brampton tomorrow.

“These workers are taking a stand for fairness at work,” said CUPE Ontario Secretary-Treasurer Candace Rennick, who will host the solidarity picket and barbeque. “Coca-Cola workers are walking the picket line to protect pensions for the next generation of workers, to stop the contracting out of good jobs and to ensure workers have the opportunity to move from temporary to full-time work. CUPE Ontario members join them in demanding this corporation, which makes billions in profits each year, respects workers.”

More than 700 workers at the Coke bottling facility in Brampton, members of CAW Local 973, have been in a legal strike position since midnight on June 27.

“It is outrageous that profitable corporations, like Coke, continue to demand that workers sacrifice retirement income security and access to full-time jobs just so they can pocket even bigger profits. It’s time to turn the tables and stand up for good jobs, for our children’s future and for our communities.”

CUPE is Ontario’s community union, with more than 240,000 members providing quality public services across the province. CUPE Ontario members are proud to work in social services, health care, municipalities, school boards and universities.

Craig Saunders
CUPE Communications

Coke posts its wish list for locked out worker’s behaviour #cokestrike

Thing is, our guys are pretty classy.  Nice try, Coke.  They’re not a mob.  They’re decent, hard-working folks who would like to go back to work with a fair deal.  That’s all.

Photo credit: Mark Cameron

Wish list


Let’s talk ‘Typical Behaviour’ for a giant mega-corporation putting profits before people, shall we?

  • Manipulate the message, use your giant budget to lie to the public rather than deal fairly with your workforce
  • Demand concessions from workers despite billions in profits
  • What you can’t lie about, ignore
  • Hire undertrained ‘scabs’ and throw them to the wolves – now you’ve victimized TWO groups of workers
  • Lock out workforce rather than negotiate a fair deal – then tell everyone THEY are the bad guys

Don’t bother, Coke.  Until there’s a fair deal, WE’RE NOT BUYIN’ IT!

Got it?