It’s Not a Labour Dispute, It’s a Business Strategy #cokestrike

As Dan Bouchard, Recording Secretary, CUPE 2544, pointed out, this battle will set a precedent. If Coke manages to pad it’s pockets just a little more by robbing employee’s piggy banks in its next collective agreement, despite its 9-billion in profits, it will do it again when the next one comes up. Other corporations will follow its example, and slowly but surely the floor will drop for all workers. Everywhere. CAW Local 973 is the front line on a battle that could spread to every single Canadian worker.

This lockout was premeditated on Coke’s part, with employees escorted off the premises, and a ten foot fence erected before the deadline was even reached. With only 39 hours at the table, Coke had no intention of ‘negotiating’. During a ‘labour dispute’ though, Coke can hire ‘contingency workers’, without bothering with things like pensions, seniority or benefits. Pretty clever, actually, and a quick and dirty workaround for laws that make it illegal to just fire all the union workers, and replace them with cheap ‘temps’. This isn’t a strike. It’s a strategy. And it’s setting a hell of a precedent, and will touch off a corporate race to the bottom for workers that hasn’t been seen in over a century.  If you’re not alarmed, you’re not paying attention.  Or you’re one of the 1%.  For the rest of us, this is just an early skirmish in a much greater war.

We need our legislators to take notice, lest this become the new way of doing business. Tell Coke to get back to the table, and bargain in good faith with the people who ARE the foundation of the company. If Coke is allowed to walk away from the table, replacing 700 workers with cheap ‘temps’, others will follow. Soon there will be no ‘good’ jobs left, and the bar will go down for all of us, while both corporate profits and the cost of living for workers continues to skyrocket.

We all deserve a living wage.

C’mon Coke. #Fairdeal

One thought on “It’s Not a Labour Dispute, It’s a Business Strategy #cokestrike

  1. Garran Smyth

    I have said from the beginning that this was an attack on our Canadian values and way of life. Unfortunately for the American people their country has been taken over by huge corporations that buy law makers and judges and have no regard for every day people. It is this philosophy of corporate greed that we are fighting and every Canadian should be concerned. We need to wake everyone up and help them to see that the country we love is under attack. Do we want for profit health care that allows the less fortunate to suffer because they can’t pay? Do we want to live in a police state because some big corporations have decided that They want to profit by creating fear and selling the illusion of security. Do we want lawmakers that dance for their American corporate puppet masters? Do we want a population walking around armed because there is money to be made selling us guns? Do we want to be American? I believe the answer is no. This fight isn’t about pensions, benefits or wages it is about protecting our most valuable asset, OUR CANADIAN IDENTITY. Please if you have read this and you love this country spread the word. Coca cola workers are on the frontline of this war but all Canadians need to understand this is much bigger than they realize and what is at stake is our way of life. Spread the word, fight for what we as Canadians believe in and stop buying coke product.


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